We are accepting nominations for Treasurer of the Marina Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

If you are interested in finances and financial reporting, the economic vitality of our community, a local business owner that wants to help be a voice for other local businesses, and/or have an interest in taking up a leadership role within our local chamber of commerce (and community), this is a great opportunity.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

The responsibility of the Treasurer is to be responsible for the monthly review and report to the Board of Directors on the financial position of the organization showing: cash flow, balance statement and projected income. Based on the monthly reports, the Treasurer makes recommendations regarding expenses.

We currently have a professional bookkeeping service that handles all our QuickBooks data entries so you will not have to be responsible for the day to day bookkeeping entries.

Chamber of Commerce Objectives

The Marina Chamber of Commerce is organized to preserve the competitive enterprise system of business. Below are a few of the ways we are able to accomplish this:

  • Create a better understanding and awareness of the important issues surrounding our local business owners.
  • Promote business and community growth and development by promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all classifications of business.
  • Develop civic, social, and cultural programs designed to increase the values of our community.
  • Address policies which prevent healthy business expansion and community growth.


We will be closing nominations on December, 31st, 2019. All newly elected Board Members and Officers shall be seated at the regular January Board Meeting and shall be participating members thereafter, with voting rights beginning at that meeting.

Interested in learning more, applying for the seat, or nominating a fellow business owner and/or community leader?

Please consider joining the Marina Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and have a voice in local decision making processes for the betterment of community and business. Share this announcement with your colleagues and to others you feel will be an asset in this capacity.

If this sounds of interest to you, or your would like to nominate someone who is interested in this role, please fill out the form below.

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Geno is the Owner of Monterey Premier (Website, SEO & Digital Marketing Services), former Chair of the Marina Chamber of Commerce and Creator of the Marina Community Facebook Group currently at over 3.6K members. He is passionate about Jesus, family, and building community.
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