The Mentorship Program is a two-semester experience with scheduled meetings that cover the following topics: self-esteem, your personal roadmap, SMART goal planning, academic reflections, and job interviews. The purpose of this mentorship is to introduce scholars to the immense benefits of learning about college and career from a ”real world” professional. Juniors at Marina High school will be grouped with one adult mentor. The meetings will take place on campus in designated classrooms.

A mentor is an industry or community member who volunteers his or her time to talk with scholars. Marina High School mentors come from different industries, backgrounds, ethnicities, and our community. They serve as a guide who will listen, answer questions or help find the answers, and share all of those things that they wish they had known when they were Juniors in high school. Mentors support the scholars as they set and work towards their goals. A mentor is a responsible adult, a trusted guide, a good listener, a reliable role model, a professional advisor, an active sponsor, a teacher of life, and an advocate for scholars. Everybody who has been successful in life can point to at least one mentor who helped guide them through some stage of their life.

Who Do I Contact?

To mentor a Marina High School Junior scholar or to get more information contact:

  • Rebecca Tyson T: (831) 583-2060 E:
  • Kyle Van Sant T: (831) 583-2060 E:
  • Nancy Rodriguez T: (831) 901-4204 E:

We are grateful to our community and industry mentors for providing these meaningful opportunities that will have a lasting impact on our Marina High School scholars.

PDFDownload: Mentor Letter 2022-23

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