Building New Website for Clients All Over the World

Here at Monterey Premier, we are fortunate to work with big and small agencies all over the world. Most of our work is Business to Business and usually require a team of digital marketing specialists such as designers, developers, marketing specialists, content creation and more.

Prices for a new website can range anywhere between $2500-$100,000+ depending on the needs and functionality. Many of our visitors run smaller businesses/organizations and do not have that kind of budget.

Last year, Monterey Premier soft launched a new website service for organizations that needed a website for under $2000. Since then we have learned a lot more about what challenges people were facing with similar small budgets.

For many of our visitors, investing in their website was a little confusing and intimidating. After all, investing in a website is a lot like buying a car, especially if it will be your primary source of marketing for your business. Not to mention, consumers these days want convenience, lower costs, and faster turnarounds.

So We Came Up With a New Solution That Is Affordable & Easy to Understand

Our new plans are easy to understand, with a fixed price so that there are no surprises along the way. Prices range from $500 for a single page site, to $2000 for a 10 page site and 5 additional hours of customization.

With years of experience managing projects and building websites, we have come to learn a thing or two about managing client expectations. We have taken all of our years of experience to help cover any possible questions or concerns in advance. Each service explains exactly what is included and what is not included.

With over 140+ prebuilt website templates to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect fit for your business. Each template is scalable meaning this is only the starting point. You will be able to add pages, services, blog posts, and more. And unlike free platforms like Wix & Squarespace, this website will be built on WordPress, using the Premium Divi Theme, and the content will remain your property, and under your control.

Imagine a Beautiful New Website in Less Than Two Weeks.

Because we have streamlined the process over the years, automated as much of the process, and have a growing library of available templates to choose from (currently 140 plus one new one each week), we have shaved hours off of each build.

Delivering a brand new website in less than two weeks is an exciting new accomplishment that we are excited to share with our local community.

In Closing

We are excited to be serving both the international business community and now, our local Marina/Monterey community in a better way by offering newer options. If you, or anyone you know is looking for a new website, please let them know about our new services or simply pass this article along.

Thank you,
Geno Quiroz

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Geno is the Owner of Monterey Premier (Website, SEO & Digital Marketing Services), former Chair of the Marina Chamber of Commerce and Creator of the Marina Community Facebook Group currently at over 3.6K members. He is passionate about Jesus, family, and building community.
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