Upon graduating from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) in 2019, I obtained much more just a degree. I formed relationships that will last a lifetime, acquired skills that will equip me for the road ahead, and experienced highs and lows that shaped me into the woman I am today.

My time in the Monterey Bay is far from over, as I visit this piece of paradise often. Wondering if the Monterey Bay is a place for you to spend your college years and beyond? Then you are in the right place. Read on to find out what I enjoyed most about the community, campus, and academics of CSUMB.


I am a person with many interests and curiosities. Being in the Monterey Peninsula (MP) did not disappoint when it came to feeding my adventurous spirit. The days where I felt like relaxing with an acai bowl I would head to the beach with some friends. My favorite beach is Carmel Beach or Casa Verde Beach.

Hiking is perhaps my most favorite activity in the whole world, so I liked to spend my weekends hiking in Andrew Molera State Park, Garrapata, Pinnacles National Park, and many other off-the-grid spots that provided spectacular views of wildlife and Big Blue (what I call the ocean). 

If you are more of a night owl and like to dress up then Alvarado Street is the place to go! With several bars and many great restaurants, your night will be filled with good food, good music, and good company. Though the night scene is a mix of tourists, students, and locals, there is fun to be had! My favorite places for dinner in the area are Gustos, they have great Italian food, and the Alvarado Street Brewery which has excellent brews, and artisan food.

Another place that I learned to have fun was on the golf course! There are so many of them in the MP. My regular course was Bayonet & Blackhorse. I spent many Friday mornings at the driving range there learning and having fun. My golfing skills need work but I loved being out in the sun, with the sea breeze blowing by, hanging out with my boyfriend.


When I wasn’t out exploring, I was on campus. Though the dorm rooms were a little outdated, CSUMB has recently undergone lots of construction with a brand new student center, and art building. The Business & Information Technology building is fairly new also. Being a business major, this is the building I spent the most time in, along with the gorgeous library. I enjoyed the modern, sleek designs of these buildings.

The library is a great place to study, there are so many cozy places to do homework, and there are lots of resources to be found on each of the three levels. I enjoyed being on the third floor the most, with distant views of Big Blue on a clear day, and the nostalgic fog that would roll in, sometimes capturing my attention more than my studies.

Another aspect that is important to me is diversity. CSUMB has lots of diversity on the small campus. Many people come from all over the U.S. with different backgrounds and experiences to share. I became friends with many international students and we still keep in touch to this day. 


Through my experience as a business major, I grew to love and respect many of my professors. I appreciated that most of my courses were applied to learning. Though this sometimes made my brain hurt, I am thankful for the opportunity to take my learning and put it to the test in the real world. I had the chance to work with Dorothy’s Place in Salinas, serving the less fortunate. I was able to work with the Carmel Craft Brewery, The Sox Box, and Norwegian innovators who came to Silicon Valley. 

The CSUMB College of Business hosts many events to help prepare and inspire their students. They host startup challenges, business workshops, photoshoots, clothing events, and much more to help future businessmen and women. 

Overall, my time at CSUMB was wonderful. I learned so much about who I am and set lasting foundations for the woman that I want to be. To anyone who has a desire to learn and develop, while living in a little slice of paradise, Monterey Bay is the place to be.

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Olivia Quadros

Copywriter/Executive Assistant at Monterey Premier
Olivia is an experienced copywriter for e-commerce businesses. She has experience writing for both small businesses and international organizations. Upon graduating from California State University Monterey Bay, she worked as a copywriter in Madrid, Spain. From there, she decided to branch out to her own freelance copywriting career. Aside from writing, she is well-versed in customer service, project management, and business development. Outside of the office, you can find Olivia traveling, writing poetry, and learning new languages. She is always up for any challenge and excited to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
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