January Seemed To Drag Out, So When The First Friday of February Was Finally Here, Cash Lunch Mob Was More Than Ready.

Sunny with a high of 61 created a warm and inviting afternoon for all who met up for Friday Cash Lunch Mob.

We met inside the beautifully decorated Laz Cazuelas Taqueria on February 7th. It was packed with many hungry customers, and the employees did an amazing job at getting to us all. With at least 2 Yelp elite members rating this establishment 5 stars, we fully anticipated it to be packed, and it was.

We were able to get some tables pushed together to fit the nearly 20 attendees that we had show up for this community event.

Great food, great conversations, and a sense of community was immediately felt by everyone.

We sure know how to throw some of the best meet ups!

las cazuelas mexican restaurant

Cultivating A Lifestyle In Marina

Whether you are a business owner, leader, volunteer or a member of our community who is simply looking for an excuse to come out and meet new people, Cash Lunch Mob is for you. The more cash we can spend in our community, the fewer fees the business owners have to spend on credit card processing. It’s really a win-win!

At our local Cash Lunch Mob, we share upcoming events within the city, encourage growth in business, and share memories. Our goal is to cultivate a community built on the foundation of the unique culture of our wonderful city.

With each passing month, the number of attendees has grown by a few and there is no sign of our numbers declining anytime soon.

First Friday Cash Lunch Mob is perfect for long time residents as well as new residents looking to become more involved within our community.

One Of The Newest Establishments In Marina

Las Cazuelas Taqueria is one of the newest restaurants in the Marina area. Not only have they managed to become a local favorite of so many of us already, but they have successfully opened a second location in Seaside as well. Opening one business is no small feat and to open two within a year or two of each other is simply remarkable.

Usually being next to Starbucks can be a bit intimidating for mom and pop shops but this shop hasn’t flinched at the thought. The aroma of coffee, fresh tortillas and grilled meat and veggies seems to be at a constant battle throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

From fish and shrimp tacos to menudo and tilapia plates, this authentic Mexican restaurant has some of the best food in town.

The next time you are hit with the gut-punch of hunger, and indecisiveness seems to creep in, let me be the decision-maker for you…. Las Cazuelas Taqueria Marina!


las cazuelas mexican restaurant

What is the First Friday Cash Lunch Mob?

We call it the First Friday Cash Lunch Mob because once a month, we meet up and encourage as many people as possible, to hit up a local restaurant to show our support and pay with cash to help the owners save on credit card processing fees.

Although we encourage everyone to pay cash whenever possible every day of the month when we gather in a large crowd like this, it has certain advantages:

  • Socializing, networking, and making new friends
  • Other customers get to see a packed house
  • A full parking lot for passers-by to see
  • It encourages awareness of some of our great hidden treasures and popular local favorites

If you have ever worked in the industry, you know how tough it can be for both the employees and the employers. Getting into the restaurant business is not for the faint of heart.

Our local restaurants work hard to serve our community day in and day out, and this is a nice way to say thank you.


If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow us at our brand new Instagram account instagram.com/marina.chamber and be sure to use the hashtag #meetmeinmarina when posting anything about Marina.

We have added an Instagram feed to our homepage so that we can all celebrate all the wonderful things in this community together. In addition, it will help to share with the world, what we all love best about Marina.

We are excited about the growth of not just Marinas Chamber of Commerce but for the City of Marina as a whole. We hope to see you next month!



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