Searching for bacon the way it’s supposed to be? Look no further than Baker’s Bacon for the freshest, thickest, and highest-quality cuts of bacon in Monterey County (and beyond).

They sell their bacon cuts individually and as gift packages, as well as a subscription service, and recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary and official storefront location with a ribbon cutting event at their location in Marina! Allison Cady, Director of Operations for Baker’s Bacon, recently answered some questions for us so that we can all get to know Baker’s Bacon a little better.


When and how was Baker’s Bacon started?

Baker’s Bacon was started as an idea in 2011 when Tony Baker happened to meet Steve Sacks, the owner of Prime Smoked Meats in Oakland, CA.  Steve offered Tony the opportunity to “come play” at the smokehouse, and they experimented with different recipes and techniques to create Baker’s Bacon. It was a slow start, as Tony’s main job was as the Executive Chef at Montrio Bistro in downtown Monterey.  Baker’s Bacon was officially launched in 2012 and became Tony’s primary focus when he retired from the restaurant industry on December 31, 2019.


What is the mission of Baker’s Bacon?

Baker’s Bacon strives to produce the best quality bacon available with integrity throughout the process.


How many employees do you have?



What services or products do you offer?

Baker’s Bacon offers a variety of bacons through a variety of channels

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  • At our Company Store in Marina, we offer all of our different bacons, plus guest bacons and other gourmet foods products directly to consumers
  • On our website, we offer all our bacon and branded merchandise available to be shipped nationally including a bacon club with monthly shipments.
  • On the local level we deliver twice a week directly to wholesale customers – restaurants, hotels and small grocery stores in our refrigerated trucks
  • Our products are also sold nationally through food service distributors, with our largest markets in California, Chicago, and New York.


How do you advertise?

We advertise through our social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), have an email distribution list, and occasionally have advertised in the Monterey Herald and The Carmel Pine Cone.  We are also members of both the Marina Chamber as well as the Monterey Peninsula Chamber.


How was the current location chosen for Baker’s Bacon?

When we choose this location, it was only intended to be our company office space.   We added the walk-in refrigerator so that we could set up a local route for restaurants to receive weekly deliveries of our bacon.   During COVID, we remodeled it to add the store front so that we could sell direct to customers while restaurant sales had slowed down.


What are some interesting facts about Baker’s Bacon?

Baker’s Bacon is part of the only 2% of bacon produced in the United States that is dry cured.

Baker’s Bacon sells direct to many of the local restaurants and hotels on the Monterey peninsula.

We started a monthly subscription club during COVID so that customers can get bacon shipped directly to their homes each month.

We offer a corporate gift program and an online website that offers all of our bacons and merchandise available to be shipped nationwide.

Baker’s Bacon proudly supports California’s Prop 12 which works toward more humane animal practices, and as such Baker’s Bacon goes to great lengths to source humanely raised heritage breed pork.


Is there anything else you would like people to know about Baker’s Bacon?

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In 2021, as part of Baker’s Bacon’s post-COVID revival, we purchased a Winnebago van (named the Baconbago) to travel the country and advertise Baker’s Bacon to chefs and restaurants across the country. Tony, along with his wife Tara and pup Porky, have spent many months on the road meeting chefs and promoting Baker’s Bacon at various food shows and expos.


Thank you to Allison Cady and Tony Baker for giving us your time, and to everyone who helps run Baker’s Bacon! It really is a local jewel to Marina. Don’t forget to check out everything Baker’s Bacon has to offer at their store, located at 445 Reservation Rd Suite G in Marina, or visit them online at Also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo: Michael Troutman/

Photo: Michael Troutman/


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