Spring is finally here, days are getting longer each day, Monterey County has moved into Red Tier and it is so good to be alive in Marina! Every quarter, Monterey Bay Moves organizes wellness challenges that focus on increasing daily physical activity in the community and our next one if accessible to all!

Here is what you need to know:

1. If you commit to taking this challenge, you will absolutely win: muscle tone, improved cardiorespiratory capacity, increased self confidence, trimmer appearance and so much more!
2. There is a cool prize up for grabs at the end – but let’s be honest. You’re really doing this for yourself and for all the benefits listed in #1


Hiking, walking and spending time in nature have so many benefits that should make it a central part of our lifestyle. These activities lower your risk of heart disease, improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, boost bone density, build strength (hello, glutes, quads, hamstrings and core), and improve your balance.

That’s not mentioning how it keeps your brain sharp and creative, makes you feel calmer and happier on top of fostering strong relationships with your hiking and walking buddies.


You don’t have to have experience in hiking to start this challenge. Maybe you’d like to walk more to improve your health, maybe you’ve been meaning to hike and discover your own backyard! After all, the Monterey Bay is a beautiful place to be and a wonderful playground.

Upon signing up, you will get 2 options between:

 – Joy Edition: choose if you currently walk, run or hike under 300 minutes per week

– Boss Edition:  choose if you currently walk, run or hike over 300 minutes per week



You have 10 weeks to complete as much mileage as possible and conquer any of our 8 Destination hikes. Enter your mileage after each of your hikes or walks and record the total time you’ve hiked so far. Each time you hit a lucky milestone (such as a bunny, a mouse, a coyote… ), you will get one entry into the raffle. The more tickets you have, the more chance you’ll win the prize.



Because it’s more fun to go on vacation, we thought we’d give you a few suggestions of local hikes that make you feel like you’re away from home. We’ve listed 8 options as Destination Hikes for you to choose from. Each time you do a destination hike, tag us on social media and-or send us your photo and get 2 additional entries.

You may choose to hike any distance or trail you choose.



Share a photo of your weekly progress with our MBM Community support group here and get an additional entry



You have until June 10th to send us a copy or a photo of your Challenge tracker for your entries to processed.



When you have a little skin in the game, you are far more likely to mentally commit. And therefore, commit to completing the challenge. The affordable entry fee is $15





Group Hikes/Walking Opportunities: 

Because this challenge isn’t only about mileage; it’s about connecting and spending time in nature, we thought we’d bring back our popular community hikes. We are even starting a walking group that will meet on Fridays at 5:00PM starting April 9th!


Big Sur Land Trust is organizing its annual Race of Open Space this Spring – social distanced style! Instead of having hikers race on the same day, you can walk or hike selected trails while raising funds for our great outdoors. Between April 4 April 25 you can choose to race designated courses, run/walk as many miles as you can wherever you are, or both

The Monterey Bay Moves Team lead by Katelyn will be hiking 4 mi through Mitteldorf Preserve — beautiful Redwoods thanks to Big Sur Land Trust! This hike will be part of a “race” that is carefully planned to only allow a few hikers on these private trails at a time.

If you wish to join our 12:00PM group, sign up here and join our team!


DONATE to Big Sur Land Trust or SIGN UP to hike with us by clicking here




Co leaders Alani and Jeni will take us through one of their favorite hikes in Fort Ord : Crescent Bluff Rd. A little over 7 miles, this hike is rated moderate and features old military fencing, a view of the Merrill family farm, & Mudhen Lake. Time TBD.


Sign Up on PTminder for this FREE community hike!




This free walking group is part of our Blue Zones Project initiative.

Come and walk weekly with a group of committed community members, socialize, enjoy some time in nature and exercise in a safe and engaging environment.

This group meets weekly and encourages you to commit to 10 weeks of walking together. 

Walks will be between 60-120 minutes and change weekly.

For long loops, you will be given an option to shorten your walk to 60 minutes.

This is an opportunity to sign up for your own health and commit to 10 weeks of gentle walking and socializing! 


Sign Up for 10 weeks on PTminder –  This Walking Group is FREE for everyone in the community! 


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