Monterey Bay Moves’ First Bootcamp Was a HIT!


Monterey Bay Moves, Marina’s new personal training and group training fitness business, is happy to announce that March Madness Bootcamp is a success!

Bootcamp participant and Local Administrative Support Coordinator at CSUMB Haven Brearton is enjoying her experience :

“I have to say I’m loving bootcamp so far – already recruited several coworkers for next month! Feels so good to finally be moving again during the week. I suppose I shouldn’t tell about how badly my shoulders hurt the day and night after those pike pushups! But I like pushing myself!”


With several community members registered – and currently crushing their health goals -, it has been decided that Monterey Bay Moves’ bootcamp will become a regular service on their schedule with a 10-week semester. The owner and head trainer Elizabeth Plante explains her choice:

“Our very first bootcamp was meant to be a test to see if there was a need in the Marina community for the group trainings I have been dreaming of leading. Our first cohort is diverse in age and fitness levels and that’s what makes it extra fun and challenging for me as a trainer! They’re so inspiring ! They all support each other when the training is tough and later laugh and chat at the end of each round…. This is promising. I feel like living a healthy lifestyle is something that can rally the Marina community and participate into making our beach town even more prosperous.”


10-Week Spring Bootcamp Registration


Registrations for the 10-week bootcamp semester have already started. Bootcamp sessions start on April 13 and end June 20. Monterey Bay Moves’ Bootcamp allows participants to attend 2 to 4 weekly small group workouts. Expect intensity with Bootcamp-style workouts, Core & Balance, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Pilates-style Training, Strength Conditioning and Cardio, of course!


  • Access to 2,3 or 4 weekly workout sessions in Marina with Head Coach Elizabeth 
  • Never train alone or miss a workout with an intense and motivating Head Trainer
  • Fitness and Fun in Marina with your local crew
  • Mindfulness Mini Sessions with guest Coach Oscar Flores


More Options Offered this Spring

Mind and Body Balanced

Because health and fitness is about so much more than doing push ups, running sprints and dieting, Monterey Bay Moves’ bootcamps feature mindfulness coaching sessions to help make the changes in participants’ lifestyle stick. Among other things, mindfulness coach Oscar Flores explains how to not rely solely on external factors for shifts in eating and fitness habits, but on internal indicators, such as being aware of negative and unhelpful thoughts around and during the times that people exercise and eat.



All sessions are 55 minutes, Spring Schedule is as follows:

– Monday 5:30pm at Locke-Paddon Park (meet at Marina Library Parking Lot)
Wednesday 4:30pm at Locke-Paddon Park (meet at Marina Library Parking Lot) NEW TIME SLOT!
– Thursday 5:15pm at Spector Dance Studio, 3343 Paul Davis Dr, Marina
– Saturday 8:15am at Spector Dance Studio, 3343 Paul Davis Dr, Marina


Monterey Bay Fit or Unlimited?

Not only will there be one new time slot for training, but there will be 2 different program options. This Spring, participants have the choice to attend 2 weekly workouts or have unlimited access to the 4 time slots offered.

The minimal recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine can be met with the Monterey Bay Unlimited option. The Monterey Bay Fit option is perfect for adults who are already active and want to supplement their lifestyle with fun, intense and social bootcamps.

10-week Monterey Bay Fit – $320

2x/week – Choose your 2 preferred time slots

10-week Monterey Bay Unlimited – $480

3-4x/week – Drop in to a few classes a week or come to every single session for maximal work and fun!



Participants may bring their own exercise mat or purchase a 6-mm Deluxe Monterey Bay Moves mat for $30.




About the Trainer

Elizabeth Plante Monterey Bay Moves Trainer






Head Trainer and Owner Elizabeth Plante will be coaching Spring Bootcamp 2019. She is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and triathlon enthusiast. Her weight loss transformation and lifestyle overhaul is nothing short of inspirational. Elizabeth’s training style is both tough and cheerful. She educates participants and pushes them you reach their full potential. What she loves most is seeing people realize how much more they’re capable of with proper guidance.

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