Happy New Year from the Marina Chamber of Commerce!

We have LOTS of ideas for 2022 and are excited about getting into the swing of things! We are looking forward to helping our Marina businesses recover and thrive in a post-Covid economy, but we need your help! The Marina Chamber of Commerce is currently looking for positive, community oriented, inspired, flexible volunteers to help us.

Some things we are looking forward to both starting up and continuing in this new year are:

  • Having a monthly booth at Everyone’s Harvest Farmer’s Market on the third Sunday of each month, and featuring one business member each month
  • Regular community pop-up markets!
  • Cash Lunch mobs
  • “Learn at Lunch” informational lunchtime forums (via Zoom for now but hopefully in person in the near future).
  • Focus Group meetings to get community and member feedback and brainstorm new ideas
  • And more!

(All events will follow safety guidelines for the health of our community.)

If these events and ideas sound good to you and you have a desire to get involved, please contact us here!

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Hayley Swann

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